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Appropriate will writing is most difficult to draft. Will writing is a complex procedure and it depends totally upon the legal expert who is writing a will. A correct will drafted can avoid all the disputes between the family members. Any vague or unclear clauses in a will can lead to a long lasting dispute between the successors. Therefore to avoid misunderstandings between the family members, a correct informant Testator (who makes a will) clearly mentions his wish to distribute the assets as per the wish and desire after his death. It is complicated exercise but requires due diligence from the Testator so that disputes of succession by the legal heirs are handled smoothly after the demise of the testator.


It is not an expensive thing to create and when the person plans everything in his life then why a person cannot decide as to what his will is for the distribution of his assets after the demise so that all the confusions are avoided aftermath the demise of the testator. There are thousands of civil and family disputes and cases pending in the Indian courts just for the succession and distribution of the assets among the legal heirs of the testator. To avoid these disputes, a wise man should always execute a will.